Sexual Services For Disabled People

Since I originally put this page together, I've had some practical input from a few on you on information I can add to this page. Don't let your disability put you off enjoying my ebony escort services. You are just as welcome as able bodied clients and my apartment is reasonably accessible. There are no steps to prevent access and very wide doors so it is wheelchair friendly. If direct use of the toilet is a bit of a hassle for you, I have sterile utensils for your relief. The beauty of this is that you can drink fluids (lay off the alcohol though) without worrying about bladder weakness problems. Admitted limitations are the bathroom which has only a small shower and no support railings for the toilet. This means we can't have the pleasure of sharing a shower together, but perhaps an erotic bed bath will suffice instead, with or without my nurses uniform?

Relax; It's All About You

I aim to make all my clients feel relaxed and will listen to your needs and fantasies. In my experience, as many disabled clients seek a regular girl friend experience as those that seek an adventurous session with a mix of fetish and fantasy. Perhaps you are worried that over-excitement may bring things to a swift end. As far as I'm concerned, you pay to be with me for a certain length of time. That time is time I have committed to you and intend that you should receive as much pleasure as possible for the duration.

Personal Circumstances Often Vary

In certain circumstances, I appreciate that your home may be better equipped to deal with your circumstances or travel may just be out of the question. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I am happy to visit you in your home provided the travelling distance is reasonable. If you are outside London, contact me to find out if I am planning an escort tour to your area. I also understand that in your day to day routine, you may be accustomed to the presence of a carer and contemplating such an emotionally charged meeting as one with a professional escort is the one time you really do want your carer on hand to, erm, hold your hand. But not practically, I hope. We will need to discuss before-hand if you would much rather have your carer present while you are with me, either for incalls or outcalls. I won't accept your carer "watching" and am sure you would not wish for this either. But your carer can be discreetly on-hand if this is absolutely necessary. Discretion on the part of your carer will be expected as much as discretion on your part. For my part, discretion is a non-negotiable assurance. If you have hearing difficulties, please make initial contact via email, NOT SMS. I do not respond to text messages. There are more men using SMS because they are too lazy or cheap to make the phone call than there are genuine deaf and hard of hearing men using SMS because it is their best form of communication. Once we are acquainted, I am happy to respond to limited Text messages as long as the communicationis kept clean. While preferred communication